Attention to detail

The SMARTBett® also holds the second glance! There are many sophisticated components that have highly qualified employees of our development teams with great care, attention to detail and always designed and implemented with the view of the whole - a unique fold away bed. These details contribute significantly to the extraordinary functionality of this innovative designer furniture. The materials used in each case, are the optimal solution in terms of stability and lightness, compactness and comfort as well as functionality and design.

The SMARTBett®

is not only easy to use, but in everyday life
thanks to the high quality melamine coated
surfaces also very easy to clean.

The factory


The entire manufacturing process is controlled and monitored by a process manager. Every single production step is subject to a cyclic control and continuous monitoring to ensure consistent quality.


A team of engineers is constantly working on improving the SMARTBett and other furniture. This applies both to the product itself, as well as the production process. Innovative ideas lead to extensions and new products, but also to an improvement in the working conditions of our employees in terms of ergonomics and health.


For each SMARTBett, all parts are subjected to an additional quality control before packaging and are carefully examined for defects. Damaged parts are sorted out and, if necessary, reworked, processed as a pattern or completely re-created from scratch in a new process.


We are now looking back on 20 years of experience and development and are still far from ending. In that time we have grown and lived a steady progress of our products. This should also be the case in the next 20 years so that we can delight you with consistently high quality products.


We stand up every day to make the furniture for you with all your heart and the attention to detail. We would like to pass on our love for furniture with the highest quality and beauty. Everything is handled with great care from the first step in the production to the delivery.

precise machining

Our qualified employees carry out the processing of all individual parts with precise machines. The parts are cut to the millimeter to ensure accuracy of fit. Clamping of the individual parts during assembly is thus completely prevented.


For every step of the manufacturing process, both the metal parts and the wood elements we use state-of-the-art machinery. These are operated and maintained by trained technicians. The entire process is completely mechanical and computer controlled. Thus, errors can be almost completely excluded or are already detected in the process by the machines.


Prior to the manufacturing process, a prototype is assembled in the factory to provide optimal assembly instructions so that even customers with little or no technical experience can build each piece of furniture without any obstacles. It takes several weeks before a new construction manual is created, as it is checked by several engineers so every step down to the last detail and every important safety note is understandable.


Each piece of furniture is packed in cardboard and protected inside the box with wood protection edges and styrofoam so that it finds its way safely into your home.