Clever furnishing: The SMARTBett® is more than a wardrobe-bed. It is the ideal living idea for those who want to save space and make no compromise on style and comfort.
Beside the development and production of the innovative SMARTBett®-sleep furniture, the company SMARTBett® manufactures with her Know-how, in some productions high-quality function fittings for the world market, and is a sought system partner of the furniture and upholstered furniture industry. In addition to the large-scale production of functional fittings, brackets and other accessories for folding beds, TV-armchairs and other comfort furniture, special customer requirements can be realized as well.


It always starts with an idea. Until a sophisticated concept is developed, many questions must be answered: How can I realize my idea? How do I connect best functionality with exceptional design? How can we ensure the highest quality at attractive prices? In SMARTBett®, a highly motivated team of designers and engineers are working on innovative answers to these and other questions. Our philosophy guides our experts here at each step. You can bring in a nutshell: Added value. For our customers. In all other respects. Only in this way can something extraordinary be created. And for this reason, the ideas of SMARTBett® have an innovative edge that you will enjoy every day!

We are
making life

Innovation is our drive - and your profit: Each SMARTBett®-product is measured by whether it has an advantage over existing furniture solutions. Only if this question can be answered with a clear Yes, it will be implemented. And a SMARTBett® means many benefits for your home and your everyday life: more space - more comfort - more style - more quality of life!

And we're not resting on that:

Every day we think about how our mature products can be improved, which housing ideas the world is still waiting of, and how can they be implemented-in short: how can we make your life even easier! Because it's just nice when one's own home becomes the favorite place.

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